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I am declaring this year and every year onward the year of me!

Frankly, I have been a very angry person and it takes a lot of work to be angry all the time. I don’t think people realize how mentally exhausting it is to always be in a bad mood or to have someone constantly affecting your mood. It is not good for your health. So, I have forgiven people and will continue to do so in order to free myself. Whatever hostility I had towards you, It’s gone. I am forgiving you, not because you deserve to be forgiven, I am doing it because I deserve to have a heart filled with peace and absent of hatred. I am forgiving you for Me, Myself, and I.

I shall forgive them because they know not what they do and they have no right to have a hold over me. To those reading this, you should cast aside your malice and allow room for joy. No one is worth taking your peace of mind. It’s time to start living, and doing for yourself.

Do not answer the call of the bad-minded. Pray for them, and for those who don’t believe in prayer, ignore them, pity them if you must, but promise yourself that from today and for the remainder of your life they shall never gain acknowledgement  from you.


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