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Feral Affair Chapter 1

Marissa sighed and sipped the warm French vanilla cappuccino in her hand while focusing her body on relaxing. The warmth of the beverage traveled down her throat and radiated out to warm her entire body. A jolt of energy came with the warmth that she gladly welcomed.

She had spent the better part of yesterday and last night with a “friend.”

“Just friends,” she told herself, shuddering on the word and suddenly losing the warmth she had gained from her drink. The memory sent pleasurable chills down her spine but left her feeling cold and unattached. But that’s what the moment was; just raw, untamed sex and nothing more.

He was, after all, just a friend.

A friend you were damn willing to be bred by.

A friend was probably pushing it as well. She barely knew him. He was more of an acquaintance. Until a few weeks ago, Marissa didn’t even know he existed.

“Marissa Coldwell, If you sigh one more time, I’m going to hurt you.”

“I’m doing that plenty on my own,” and again, she sighed.

“You’re so melodramatic. It’s not that serious. So, you had sex. Big deal. It’s not the end of the world.” Sehjada Thomas, her best friend, chided. Jada was 5’3 and 3/4ths. The quarters counted. It made her feel somewhat taller. “Do you regret it?”

Marissa scoffed. “No. It’s the concept of the situation. I’m probably some cheap whore to him now.”

“HE PAID YOU?” Jada was on her feet, and as per usual, attracting attention.

“Will you sit down?” Marissa whispered, cautiously eyeing the nosy audience. “No, he didn’t.”

Sehjada stared at her accusingly before settling into her chair. “Hm. Well, are you going to see him again?” The light skinned female inquired while combing through her bright, brown hair with her fingers.

Good question. While their moment had been mind-blowing, and she would love to meet with him again, she didn’t think it would be a good idea. It would just be sex, and sex, and more sex, and frankly She wasn’t interested in a sex buddy.

“No. I’m done with Jamoy.”

Sehjada grimaced lightly and Marissa knew why. She was saying the words, but Sehjada didn’t believe them.

Honestly, neither did she.


Marissa could not be any more anxious to get out of class. Her feet were tapping the ground repeatedly, and while she did try many times to cease the motion, she found it impossible to keep still. She could still feel the eyes focusing on her back and it made the hairs on her neck stand to attention.

Come on, 3:15 where are you? She thought, staring at the clock that seemed to find enjoyment in passing time in the most agonizingly slow manner. If she didn’t know any better, she swore the minute hand stopped moving.

The time didn’t really matter anyway. Her professor was one of those teachers that thought it was okay to give assignments or explain something important at the very last minute of class. It was his sick way of making sure students stuck around down to the last second.

He wasn’t going to catch her today though. There was nothing he could say that would make her stay.

“Now about that test on Friday.”

Pause, what test?

Her eyes shifted from the clock to him then back and noticed it was 3:14. He would say something important when everyone is ready to go. The man had Monday to explain this so-called test and he waits until today to do so?

He’s sin re-incarnated.

Marissa’s head hung as she quickly jotted down her final notes. Normally, she paid enough attention in class to know when there was a test or something big coming up, but she slipped up somehow.

Once she was done, she wasted no time in getting to her feet and sprinting out of the classroom.

As she pushed the building door open, someone snatched her by the arm. She swung her free arm at the culprit only to have that one captured as well.

“Let me go damn it!” She kicked him in his leg, which didn’t do much but annoy him from the look on his face.

“Calm down.”

“Like hell.” She was going to kick him again, but he let her go and took a step away from her.

“Feel better?”

A slow eye roll was given as she rubbed her arms. “Because every girl feels calm about a guy grabbing her out of nowhere.”

“Well considering I’ve been trying to talk to you all damn day this seemed like the only way to get your attention.”

He’d been hunting Marissa down for most of the day. Even in class, he was staring at her. She didn’t think there was anything he could want to say that was so important.

“Well, what do you want Jamoy? I’m going to be late for class so make it qui—”

He threw something at her and she swatted it away. It bounced off the wall then clinked on the floor. Getting a closer look, Marissa saw it was a dolphin shaped earring. Her hands lifted and lingered on her ears. She hadn’t even noticed that one was missing.

“You’re welcome.” He said.

Embarrassment washed over her. It was just an earring. No one would care. And it’s not like he had a girlfriend that he would have to explain it to, but it was still pathetic to have left something behind.

“And, you don’t have another class. You could have come up with a better lie than that.”

Looking up at him she saw a smug smile on his face. It was that look that got her into trouble with him. Marissa was a sucker for mischief.

Jamoy Pardus was drop dead gorgeous. He was the quiet, charming kind of man that made women draw hearts at his doorsteps out of soaked panties. He didn’t boast about his looks, but you could tell that he knew he was sexy. How could he not? With his creamy, caramel skin, buzz cut hair and deep green eyes. Faint stubble marred his handsome face. He’d be stunning with a beard. He wore dark jeans, and a black T-shirt with bold red claw mars stretched across his hulking body. She was entirely too aware of the muscles that lay beneath.

And…She was staring.

“I’m heading to Abdul’s place. Coming?”

She quickly shook her head. “No. I have a test to study for. I’ll probably come by later.” When you’re not around.

He didn’t seem to notice her hesitation. He just shrugged then left without her.

Marissa breathed a sigh of relief. She had nothing against Abdul Nero, he was one of the few friends she had. They both lived in the same complex and she spent a lot of time in his home since she was pretty much friendless.

She knew she could have studied at Abdul’s but it would have been too awkward. That was where she and Jamoy…

Her body stirred at the thought. No way could she focus there.

It was just a little after 8 p.m. when Marissa returned to her apartment in Autumn Terrace. The Quaint Apartment Complex provided her with the peace of mind she needed from the strict and mentally exhausting essence of her parents. It was nestled in wooded surroundings that made her feel at home, with beautiful landscaping nearing the Orchard River Trail.

Before returning home, she went over to her family’s home for dinner as per usual. They didn’t approve of her living on her own, but it made them feel better whenever she came over to eat with them. While she was there, she got some study time in before she bid them farewell. Her mother, of course, tried to persuade her to stay the night, but she declined. There was only so much she could take of them. No doubt they would try to convince her to come back home and frankly, Marissa did not want to have that conversation.

Now that she was back at Autumn Terrace, however, she was bored out of her mind. There was the option to chill with Jada but that required her to go across town and she wasn’t in the mood.  The same could be said about her sister, though she had no clue where that female was. Lord only knows where she ran off too.

She rolled over onto her back and stared at the phone in her hands. There were at least 27 contacts inside, Majority were family and distant friends. Distant meaning they weren’t in boring old Auburn Valley. The medium-sized pastoral town in Virginia was the epitome of a balanced, quiet, old-fashioned community lifestyle. The crime rate was exceptionally low, allowing residents to live with a peace of mind. It was brimming with leafy neighborhoods, earthy buildings in the depths of town, and offered a whisper of welcome to those that wanted a simpler life…or to be strangled by the hands of boredom and never hear the word excitement. Auburn Valley was safe in every sense of the word.

Sighing, Marissa left the comfort of her bed and threw on a pair of black jogging pants and a red tank top. She redid the ponytail she was so famous for wearing and left the room with a towel and water bottle in hand. She decided to kill time in the gym since it didn’t close until midnight.

It took 5 minutes to arrive at the fitness center from her apartment. Upon entering though, she wanted to turn around.

Marissa swallowed hard as she stared at the set of rippling muscles before her. It was hard not to. The light in the gym just hit him at the best angle like a spotlight, showing off that well-sculpted body. His brows were furrowed, face tight, and his full lips were set in a line as he was focused on what he was doing. She doubted he even noticed that she came in.

Obviously, someone upstairs was playing a sick game. Why else would she have run into him yet again? But she wasn’t about to punk out.

She ignored that fine specimen of a man and put her things away in one of the small lockers. She started off with some stretching and then went into calisthenics.

Now and again, she stole glances at him. The girl was a sucker for muscles. Something about knowing a man could possibly bench press her sent her body into a frenzy. He wasn’t the only one in there, but he was the only one worth her attention.

“Getting your sexy back?”

“You say it like it ever left.” Marissa retorted at the annoyance behind her.

“You were never this confident in High School.”  He said it like it was some sort of undeniable fact. He came around to face her with a large grin on his face, stroking the shaggy tuft of hairs under his chin. The man was dark as night, not a lick of hair on his scalp, and a complete asshole. “And you didn’t have that ass in High School either.”

She straightened herself out from the squats she was doing, “I’m not interested.”

“And who says I’m interested in you?” His disgusted tone set her on edge, but she remained cool.

“Then stop talking to and looking at me.” She sent him a smile and then walked away towards the elliptical, severely pissed.

She heard him snort behind her but didn’t look back to see where he went or what he was doing.

Marissa was a wallflower in high school. The only thing that stood out about her was her height. Most of the girls her age were at least 5’5, and she was pushing 5’11. It was enough to draw some attention but intimidated guys enough to stay away from her if her crazy parents didn’t do it already.

The summer before entering college, she began filling out and her body took a whole new direction. Now in her senior year of college, her breasts were a perky set of C cups, her skin was a smooth milk chocolate color–finally free of puberty’s acne onslaught–and dark brown curls cascaded down her shoulders. She was thick but well-toned and curvy and she tried not to draw attention to herself although she considered herself very average.

Time had a funny way of escaping her when she was working out, and if not for the burning in her legs she would have stayed there on the machine until closing. The gym had cleared out except for the male behind the desk, who was doing everything except work. Jamoy had disappeared as well. She didn’t understand why she felt a little disappointed about that.

When she got off the machine, she wiped her hand across her forehead, ridding it of some beads of sweat while walking towards the bathroom. The gym wasn’t very large at all. It only held three bathrooms each with its own shower. Two of them were currently out of order. Maintenance, of course, was taking forever with the repairs.

Strolling into the bathroom she looked at herself in the mirror then turned on the water and splashed the refreshing cold liquid on her face.

“So it wasn’t locked.”

Her head snapped in the direction of the voice, only to find a towel-clad Jamoy, standing near the shower. His body was damp from the shower he must have just taken, and only then did she notice the scent of fresh Irish Spring in the air.

All she could do was stare, completely speechless, mesmerized and confused as to how she did not notice a half-naked man upon entering.

His lips turned up into one of those devious half smiles of his. “See something you like?”

“Don’t you believe in locked doors?” She asked when she found her voice.

“I thought I did, guess not.” He was so nonchalant, as though being found half naked didn’t matter to him.

Honestly, it didn’t matter to her either. She wished the towel would disappear. “You’re so careless. Suppose another guy had walked in. Bet you’d be worried then.”

“But it wasn’t.” His eyes darkened as he came closer. If he thought she was going to be intimidated he had another thing coming. She folded my arms across her chest and held her place.

“You have no sense, that’s my point,” she rebutted.

“And what you’re doing is sensible?”

What was she doing? She should have left by now. Instead, she was scolding him!

Who was she kidding? Marissa knew exactly what she was doing. She was eating up the sight of him and remembering their previous encounter; except, this wasn’t the same.

“Maybe, not.”

Her answered seemed to catch him off guard. She expected him to make the first move. It was clear in those striking green eyes that his thought process was the same as hers. And when he licked those lips of his she almost pounced on him.

But, he turned away. “You should leave.”

Her mouth fell open. “W-what?”

“Leave, be gone, shoo, make yourself scarce. Take your pick.”

Again he had her speechless. Who the hell does he think he is?

“You know, I rather like the view from where I am. So, If you want me gone, you’ll just have to move me yourself,” She folded her arms defiantly across her chest.

He let out an exasperated breath and turned to face her, eyes narrowed.

“Marissa,” He began in a stronger tone through gritted teeth, “Out.”

Several thoughts crossed her at that moment. She could lock the door and stay, and do exactly what her body wanted her to do–throw herself at him. It wanted to relieve the pleasure of the night before, and something about fucking him in such an enclosed space with the possibility of someone finding them was such a damn turn on.

But the rational side of her said to do as she was told, leave and not dig her grave any deeper than she already had.

After mulling it over for a few moments, she opted for the latter.

Without a word, she went to the door.


She heard him say, and as she turned around she was face to face with a wall of solid muscle. Before, she could utter a word; he grabbed her waist roughly and hoisted her thick frame against the door.

As extensive as Marissa’s vocabulary was, she couldn’t manage to form words and when his soft lips found hers all thoughts were gone. His kiss wasn’t light or sensual; it was that of a man trying to soothe a hunger that could not be satiated. His hands molded firmly against her ass, and he gave it a tight squeeze now and again as he ravaged her now swollen lips.

She should have pushed him away, she knew she should have left, but instead she proved to be just as greedy as he was, trying to satisfy her own needs. Her arms wrapped around his neck, and her legs were secured around him, pulling him closer as though such a thing were possible.

When he bit her lip, a moan escaped her, and she heard him make a wild guttural sound in response, almost like a growl and then he was at her neck, tracing it with his tongue.

His fingers dug into her ass cheeks. Marissa whimpered softly, caught between a mixture of pain and pleasure, but he silenced her, attacking her lips once more. His body ground against hers, pushing his arousal against her, and she felt liquid pool into her underwear.

“Hey! It’s closing time. Are you done?”

They both snapped out of it as the employee banged on the door. She had completely forgotten about him.

Shit!! The frantic woman thought, realizing what was about to happen. She shoved her hands against his damp chest as hard as she could, but he didn’t budge. He just kept staring at her with those ravenous golden eyes and….

“Gold? Why are…”  Her head tilted, confused, and then she cried out in pain as she was suddenly dropped on the floor.

“Fuck….” Jamoy muttered and retreated back to the shower with his hand covering his eyes.

“Hello in there?” the employee called.

“Ah, I’m coming! I had an emergency,” Marissa answered while rubbing her sore behind. “The fuck is wrong with you?” The question had no effect on him. He seemed preoccupied with his thoughts.

“Just get out before you make him come in here,” He snapped.

She couldn’t believe him.

“Ugh!” She threw her hands up in defeat before storming over to the toilet. She flushed it, just in case the worker was still at the door, and then washed her hands. “You fucking twit!” This time she was the one to snap before she threw open the door.

The worker was already at the desk when she came out. He was too preoccupied with an online game to notice Jamoy slip out either.

When she got back to her room, she suddenly felt completely drained. She plopped onto the couch and draped her arm over her face. Her legs dangled off the other end of the couch, reminding her that she needed a longer one.

Today had been exhausting. Between classes and playing hide-n-go-seek with Jamoy, she was ready to pass out. Still, she couldn’t shake how good she felt when she was with him. Her fingers lingered on her lips. Slowly, her tongue swept across the swollen mass. She could still taste him and her ass was still throbbing.

But his eyes…

Had she seen correctly or was she just dazed from their antics?

She shook it off, summing it up as her imagination.

Then, as she remembered how he so coldly told her to get lost, she cursed.

Jamoy could burn in hell for how he treated her. How dare he tell her to leave, drive her insane, and then try to push her away?

For a fleeting moment, Marissa thought about going to find him and kicking his ass, but, didn’t.

This was definitely the last time she was going to be caught alone with him.

Some things just weren’t worth the hassle.

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  2. Raedy says

    I enjoyed the first chapter. It was pretty lengthy (which I love, I hate short chapters tbh). Another thing I wanted to point out was the diversity in the names that you chose for the characters, huge plus. It makes me want to know more about the area where they’re from. I get Forks, WA vibes from the town like Twilight, but without the feeling that everyone looks exactly the same or comes from the same racial background. Marissa is a pretty feisty character so far, and I can tell that you pull some inspiration from yourself for her character (excerpt).

    “Her hands lifted and lingered on MY ears”
    It’s kind of cool that you either forgot to take that out or left it there intentionally because it makes the reader feel like they are getting to know part of the author too, in a way. Overall good chapter and I look forward to reading the next one when I can.

    Liked by 1 person

    • First, THANK YOU FOR READING AND COMMENTING!! I appreciate it so much! I was so excited I read this comment 4 times! Hitting all points, when I first began writing the story the names and the direction were based on real life people and experiences. Also, I honestly had just finished the twilight series as well and loved the wilderness setting. Also, I’ve always wanted to write something where the characters weren’t just white and certainly I wanted the main characters to be people of color. I rarely read books with POC as the main characters that aren’t in some stereotypical “urban” setting. Marissa was based on me at one point and she is the character I dislike the most lol. Lastly, that was a mistake. The story was originally written in first person, whoops. Thanks again and happy reading!!


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