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In The Silence – Explained

In high school, I think it was my sophomore year, I began a story that was set in the Virgin Islands. Of course, at the time, I was very inexperienced and knew nothing of love aside from what I had seen in movies and read in books. I also knew nothing of my island and had not explored the vast tropical paradise enough to write about it either.

As a result, I scrapped the story and hoped that after graduation I would be able to finish it. That never happened. I let this story die and focused on several others. One I had finished completely, but then lost (I left it on the fraco truck and never saw it again). After that I stopped writing until my sophomore year of college.

I had intentions to rewrite, and rename this story as well as change the cover.

The design above would be fine if not for the fact that that is Lauren London. The background was a photo of the Frederiksted Pier which I took myself. I just blended the photos together.

I love how it looks however, it has to be scrapped. Anyways, I renamed it because I don’t like how “Too Close” sounds. It seemed…too simple. Ha!


So, this is what the “In the Silence” tag on the front page is about. I will consider posting the opening of the story, but it’s kind of…morbid. I mean, it could be worse, but I just don’t like how it sounds. Eh, I might just post it so you can read and then remove it later. Well! Off I go.
(P.S) The “AMinorMisdemeanor name was my name on Wattpad.

Happy Readings!


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