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Feral Affair Chapter 17

A Feral Affair

The town was on lock-down, The main roads leading into and out of it were closed, and skillful marksmen were placed on rooftops to remove anyone suspicious. Communication to the outside was blocked to ensure no outside interference. They had even managed to secure one of those freaks and use him to bait the others into the open. Even if they weren’t Felids, and were out and about they were targets. It was their own fault for not staying inside as they were told.

So how was it they were still unable to kill one little girl?

Robert Coldwell slammed his fists down on the desk before him as a fit of rage enveloped him.

“If you had killed her from the start then you wouldn’t have this problem.”

His harsh glare settled on his son’s smug form. “You know why I couldn’t.”

“Actually you could. All of this makes no damn sense,” Dominic threw his hands in the air in frustration. “You’ve had ample opportunities to search out the cretin in this town and annihilate them, but you didn’t. You knew your daughter was spawn of the enemy but you kept her, and you think you can correct everything in a day?”

He felt like punching something, someone, but the only person there was his father. “The council as well. What the hell have you old bastards been up to?”

“We have our reasons. None of which are your concern. Your orders of right now is to kill them all.”

“Funny, I don’t remember that being part of the discussion.”

Dominic spun around to face the new voice.

“George, what are you doing here?” Robert asked.

The graying, old councilman took a seat in the empty chair, a small smile coating his pale, weathered features. He folded his hands over the cane he held, that both Dominic and Robert knew he damn well didn’t need.

“I came to check on your progress,” He began, peeping over to see the documents on the table. He whistled low as he saw the amount of recorded Felid deaths. “My my, your minions are doing well…but…” He glanced up, meeting Robert’s eyes, “You were told to keep the girl alive if I’m not mistaken.”

“Wait what?” Dominic couldn’t believe it.

“There’s no reason to keep her alive.” Robert said indefinitely.

“You kept her alive all these years without us knowing.”

“I didn’t know what she was.”


Both of men were caught in a stare off, neither willing to yield to the other’s will.

“I would have gotten rid of her if I knew,” Robert lied.

“You remember Claire Klainer?”

Robert’s eye twitched at the name, “I can’t forget my own employee.”

“He sent us a very interesting report before his passing.”

Twitch again. “Really? I had no idea.”

“Wait what’s the dead guy have to do with anything?” Dominic interrupted, “What the fuck are you two babbling about?”

“Shut up Dominic.” Robert hissed through gritted teeth.

The smile worn by George had gradually gotten wider, “Even your son you kept in the dark? How terrible of you Robby.”

“Get to the point before I throw you out!”

George merely patted the hook of his cane, ignoring the threat. “Does the name Sophia Dubois ring a bell?”

“Get out.”

“Seems you knew her very well.”

“Get.” Robert leaned over the desk, “Out.”

“I’m just curious what a high ranking hunter from such a prestigious family was doing with such a woman.”

Confusion washed over Dominic seeing his father’s enraged face and the teasing glint in George’s eyes.

“I suppose that’s too much fun for now.” He rose from the chair and walked perfectly to the door, spinning the cane in his hand. “I haven’t shown the report to anyone else. I’ll just keep this as our little secret.” He winked at Robert, “Just make sure you bring that beautiful daughter of yours to headquarters in one piece.” He paused at the door, “And her little friend too,” and then he was gone.

Dominic was staring at his still pissed father, “Fath—”

“Get rid of all of them.”


“Everyone dies. Now leave.”



Dominic left, grumbling the entire way out.

As the door slammed shut, Robert collapsed into his chair. He reached into the drawer and lifted up the hidden compartment under it. When he pulled his hand out, he was holding a well lamented picture. A wide array of emotions swept over his face as he stared at it.

He rubbed his thumb over the face of the beautiful brunette in the picture, “You were a curse to be left alone…my Sophia.”


There wasn’t a word that could perfectly describe how Marissa felt and while uncomfortable was close, it just wouldn’t cut it. She shifted uneasily on the couch while her eyes frantically jumped between the two moving bodies. One had been missing for several months, the other tried to kill her without reason and then disappeared as well. Now here they were, together, eliciting a string of questions that Marissa did not ask.

Among the strangeness was the mansion’s interior. It was covered from head to toe with weapons and ammunition. She has watched as Melanie loaded one of her guns with strange silver bullets with a bright blue liquid inside. Again, she didn’t bother to ask.

What made things even more uncomfortable was the fact that they were busy preparing for war and not speaking to her either. Melanie demanded that she enter the house and take a seat, but after that they didn’t acknowledge her presence. Shawn, though he stole glimpses of her and smiled creepily, didn’t utter a word either.  She guessed that whatever they were preparing for, and she had a hunch what, preceded idle conversation.

Marissa watched in amazement as they secured their weapons onto their person, then heaved several large backpacks onto the adjacent empty couch.

Melanie quickly turned her attention to Marissa then nodded her head at the staircase. “Go up there.”

Her tone left no room for questions or arguments. Marissa scurried up the staircase.

“Take those outside. They should  be here in five minutes,” Marissa’s sensitive ears picked up her sister’s instructions followed by the sound of footsteps approaching. She turned the doorknob of her old room, hoping to hide out there for a minute but it was locked. She cursed under her breath.

“You’re lucky it’s even there still,” Marissa  flinched at her sister’s presence behind her. So she knew everything then? She slowly turned to face her and as she took in her appearance she realized she was just like Sehjada. The cold expression she wore left her looking at a stranger and not the woman she had grown up with.

“Any reason you haven’t used those fancy toys on me?” Might as well cut right to it.

Confusion wash over her sister. “They’re not for you. They’re for those things hiding in town.”

“You don’t know do you?” Marissa asked and earned a hearty laugh from her sister. She was just as confused now. Did she or did she not know that Marissa was a Felid? Or was she just playing around with her? Melanie wiped a stray tear from her eyes before finding her voice.

“Dominic already told me everything. You’re a Felid, though I figured that out a long time ago when I was searching through dad’s stuff.” Marissa was about to interrupt but Melanie raised her hand, cutting her off. “You’re still my baby sister and it’s not your fault that you’re like that. It’s dad’s. He’s disgusting” She spat the words like they left a bad taste in her mouth.

To be fair, Melanie never liked their father. The two butt heads whenever in the presence of the other. She also tread carefully with their…well…her mother. Marissa often got the feeling that Melanie didn’t trust either of her parents. Considering their father was a two-timing son of a bitch with no regards for his children obviously she had been correct.

“To be clear, you’re not going to kill me.” You know, for insurance purposes, you can never be too careful. Butch did say he wasn’t going to and still tried. Sehjada was suppose to be her best friend but she was suspicious of her ever since the ambush at Mr. McCormic’s place. She had no clue what happened to the old man after the incident.

Melanie shook her head, “No, I’m not.” There was something off about her tone and Marissa pressed on.


“I’m looking for a specific set of them, a black panther and a lioness,” She paused and eyed her sister carefully, “know them?”

Marissa had actually crossed paths with both of those animals before. She shuddered remembering the black panther from the night she met Shawn, and a lioness had actually tried to kill her recently.

Wait a minute…

“To hell with that, WHY are you with that guy??!” She shrilled, vehemently pointing downstairs where Shawn was left.

“He’s my fiance’ but that’s–”

“You’re kidding right? He hit me with a gun!”

Melanie blinked, confused, then turned her back to her sister and stormed down the staircase. Marissa, not one for being ignored, followed behind her until she noticed that there was company below and ducked behind the thick rail of the staircase.

Shawn was conversing with two males when Melanie strode up to him and roughly grabbed him by the shoulder. “Shawn,” She spoke icily. When he turned his head to address her she raked him a powerful slap across his face. The other two men flinched and muttered “ooh” under their breath. Marissa covered her mouth to stifle her gasp.

“You hit my sister with a gun?” Her eerily calm demeanor was a stark contrast to her actions. Shawn was still rubbing his face and reigning in his temper. After a deep breath, he turned back to the men and bid them farewell.

“Ok. Now what is this about?” He asked as he locked the door. He didn’t turn to face either ladies.

Melanie folded her arms across her chest. “Marissa says you hit her. What the hell?”

He dragged his hand down his face, and cursed under his breath. Finally, he turned around. “Don’t hit me,” His eyes narrowed at Melanie’s clenched fists, “I was following one of those things all week. I noticed it was hovering around areas your sister went so when you told me you were going to the party I assumed it would be there as well. I also assumed that it would not come out unless she was in danger. I had to be convincing.” His eyes then traveled to Marissa’s still hiding form, peeking from behind the rail. “It worked.”

“When I found you that night you could have told me the whole story. You never mentioned Marissa was there!” Her voice rose slightly, but she managed to remain calm. “You also never told me you were stalking a friggin Felid either! You almost died messing with that thing!” He pulled her close, wrapping his arms around her and gently rubbed her back. She forced herself out of his grasp.

“I didn’t want you to worry more than you already were. If I mentioned your sister and what I’d done you probably wouldn’t have spoken to me and you would have gone looking for it. I was being selfish, but,” He said with his hands raised in surrender. “I took things too far. I shouldn’t have touched her. I’m sorry.”

Not sure what to say, Marissa just rolled her eyes. She hadn’t forgiven him.

“So you’re my sister’s fiance and you also practically humped me that day?” Again, Melanie slapped him.

“That was a lie. I wasn’t the one dancing with you. But I was watching and took advantage of that,” he explained while rubbing his face.

She rolled her eyes, but accepted the explanation. Slowly, she rose from her hiding place. Since that was out of the way, she might as well answer Melanie’s question.

“I only glimpsed the panther that night. I passed out from all the chaos so I don’t know who it was. As for the lioness. I met one, but I don’t know how to find her. She tried to drown me, and I want her throat but that’s about it.” When she found the little bitch she was gonna tear her a new one on sight.

Feeling safer in the presence of her sister, not so much Shawn, she finally asked what she was dreading since she entered the house.

“So…What’s in the gun?”

Melanie removed a gun from her side and released one of the bullets. “Putting it simply,” A blood curling smile appeared on the girl’s face, “The death of all shifters.”

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