Month: December 2016

killin time with kida ep. 1

I cannot sing but I STAY singing in the car; Whole concert and thing. Panic! At the Disco “I write sins not tragedies” has a special place in my heart forever. So I did a whole vlog on my trip to Queen Louise Home for Children and some random car thoughts. And again Chapter 19 of my Web Novel “A feral Affair” is out. Do your girl a favor and read, share, comment. Much thanks!! Website:LocalLadyMedia.Com Twitter: Local Lady Media IG: LocalLadyMedia Facebook: Location: St. Croix, Virgin Islands Follow my blog with Bloglovin Advertisements

A Feral Affair

Feral Affair Chapter 19

The discussion on their shifter poison ended with just the name. Melanie didn’t explain what was in it nor how it affected shifters. All she knew was that she wanted no parts of it. She did learn, however, that it wasn’t just in the bullets. Explosives, knives, hell even the damn batons were made of it. “If majority of the Felids in the Valley are dead, why are you guys still in full war mode?” She asked, having watched them for hours going back and forth with loading and unloading things capable of killing her. “Because we are in war mode,” Melanie answered without taking her eyes off the paper in front of her. She was on the couch checking things off a list. “You think everything will really go back to normal after all of this? And you certainly can’t think just killing Kaleb with that godawful, poorly written, novella excuse, was going to sit well with people?” Course not. And speaking of which. “Do we have to ki–” Melanie slammed the paper on …

A Feral Affair

Feral Affair Chapter 18

“Again. If you had done your job, then you wouldn’t be stressed out like this.” Abdul was getting tired of watching Jamoy pace around the basement. While he was being honest, he was also very tired of hiding in the damp and decrepit hole as well. Unlike the Felids that were being picked off at random, he and Jamoy were actually being targeted. He wasn’t entirely surprised, but, again, he was tired. Not to mention, hiding out was boring. “How many times has our Job description changed since we arrived here? First, we had to find the ‘threat’,” Jamoy put the word in air quotes as he complained, “Whatever the fuck that was supposed to mean, then it turned into killing the hunters. Now it’s killing Marissa and her plaything. Why exactly were we really sent here?” Abdul merely shrugged his shoulders from his seat, uninterested as he fiddled with a piece of lint he pulled from his shirt. “Look, eventually, they’re going to send someone else out here to finish this, and us, if we …