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My first guest blog yall! Ah!

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Hey CurlFriends!

In honor of “Like A Boss Month” I have decided to feature some bloggers, vloggers, and social media content creators!


Today, I would like to introduce you to Markida Scotland!

Her blog Local Lady Media is a humorous entertainment  blog. It covers everything from Virgin Islands and pop culture. She captures the highlights from TV and movies, to life’s random adventures through her eyes. She has crowned herself Miss Media 2016 and will hold that crown until further notice (aka FOREVA!)  Markida is a witty wordsmith, a side-eye Suzerain, and ludicrous literati with an appetite for providing commentary on any topic because there is no shortage of foolishness/interesting things in the world.

Enjoy! Leave a comment! Show some support and check out her blog!

16508674_1858804617694006_1910684185813212590_nBy Local Lady Media

It was late Tuesday evening when I was on Facebook not minding my business as per usual. During my typical perusal…

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About Local Lady Media (66 Articles)
Local Lady Media is an entertainment and humor blog covering everything from local and pop culture, from TV, and movies, to life's random adventures through the eyes of local Virgin Islands journalist Markida Scotland--self-crowned Miss Media 2016 to life--who has an appetite for providing commentary on various topics because there is no shortage of foolishness/interesting things in the world.

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