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Don’t pick sides in toxic relationships

At some point we all realized that the Kardashians, Roberta included, are all about attention and this is more than likely a set up, but hell it’s Wednesday, some of us are on vacation, and we ain’t got shit to do so we were tuned into the bullshit. But let me remind yall, that the ONLY victim in this mess is Dream, who is a product of this entertainment nightmare.

Anyways, Rob woke up today on the wrong side of his bed and decided to tell us things we already knew. Blac Chyna was cheating on him and using him.

But Rob supposedly didn’t know he was being used so he, being the typical neanderthal, decided to leak her nudes.

Now, I’m not here for leaking people’s nudes, but Chyna is literally basking in nude glory on the internet. He basically just released unpaid photos. It’s wrong because obviously you don’t do that. Releasing nudes is prime “fuckboy” bullshit. It’s childish. It’s also illegal yall. But this is Black Chyna sir. How are you hurting her, a nude model…by posting…her nudes.

Then he tells us that she lost her baby weight from surgery…

I see folks saying that Rob is “dragging” her, but I’m not exactly sure I see the dragging. WE ALL KNEW THIS. What? This is nothing new. If anything it’s just confirmation. He put his hand in the lake and came back and told us “Yall, YALL the water is wet.”


What he should have done is use the money from her surgery and fix his damn self. Putting all his energy into the wrong shit.

Anyways, Rob is essentially playing the victim and men around the world are rejoicing in it. This is their time to lick each other’s nutsack. It’s an acorn festival for these squirrelly fools. This is prime “I hate women so let me make bullshit comparisons to advertise my distaste for anyone with ovaries” time.

The minute Chyna decided to date Rob, right after Tiger Lily decided to date Rob’s teenage sister who financially supports him, we all knew what was up.

Except for Rob. Supposedly.

But let’s not lose focus. That relationship was TOXIC from the start, and watching yall, especially the men, cosign toxic behavior is ridiculous to me. I’m not here for it and it’s why I’m not picking a side.

Rob is no victim here. Rob is a whole sucker and a half, but he’s become some patron saint for hypocritical men around the world.

Chyna and Rob were in a mutually abusive relationship. While Chyna took advantage of a clearly unstable man who needs to see a fucking therapist, Robert is a verbally–and possibly physically abusive–piece of shit.

Why the hell are yall trying to play the who is the better abuser game? This is no behavior to applaud. There is no winner here.

Now, if you follow me on Facebook–Judgey Johannes–I’ve commented briefly about this. My comments revolve around the things I’ve learned about this situation but this is the most important one:

  • Never date a Rob Kardashian, and beware of a Chyna.

A Chyna does not care about your well-being. At the very end of the day, she cares about herself. She came to you, for herself. I’m not saying she’s a gold digger. I’m saying, she’s an opportunist and if you gotta be a ladder while she’s on the rise, you’re going to be one. The reason Chyna isn’t a gold digger is because she’s not with you for just your money. Gold Diggers stay with their coin puppet. Chyna is not staying. She is going to use you to bring herself above you and the method doesn’t matter. She’s never going to apologize for hurting you because she never gave a diddly damn about your feelings. You are a means to an end. She’s a user. Users don’t see beyond what you can do for them. Also, she isn’t a glorified stripper for no reason. Girl knows game, and she is diabolical. How many strippers you know get this far? I can only name two and they happen to be best friends.

She might also be a tad on the crazy side

As for Rob? We all know a Rob. A guy who isn’t doing shit to help himself. Rob didn’t just become a piece of shit or “depressed.” Let’s remember that Rob used to be Fit and Full of Shit. Regardless, for men like Robert, you are his crutch, and while he may start off sweet, the minute he becomes paranoid all of that goes out the window. Rob will shower you with gifts OF HIS OWN ACCORD, and then throw it in your face afterwards as though he was doing you a favor. He is emotionally unstable. He may or may not hit you, but he sure as hell will go out of his way to humiliate you and verbally abuse you. Men like Rob are quick to apologize, but repeat their behavior (Did yall forget this is like the fourth time he’s popped off?) Most  stay with a Rob because he promises not to do it again, and also because the minute you say fuck him you’re the bad guy and you don’t want to look like the bad guy. Rob is always the victim because he’s “depressed.” But, let the record show, it’s possible to be mentally-ill and a piece of shit.

Brother, you need help. Response? You’re a slut….Well shit.

So what happens when you get a Rob and Chyna in the same space? A smorgasbord of palpable fuckery.

Because this leads to people picking a side.

I have men blaming this on single mothers–how, why, what the fuck?

I have women justifying using men because men use women–wrong is wrong love.

I see men trying to find reasons to leak someone’s nudes now.

It’s entirely too much, but now I’ve also learned which people were raised by animals and should ultimately be avoided.

Also, stop sending these fools nudes because they obviously don’t know how to control themselves. With great nudes come great responsibility, so you can’t just be hand delivering them to all these supposedly infallible twats.

But most importantly, can we also remember that there are children involved in this messery? When you have two parents that ultimately go out of their way to destroy each other, the children often mistake this behavior as normal and emulate it in their own love lives later. It’s an unhealthy cycle. Let’s remember that both Chyna and Robert were raised in…questionable homes on opposite ends of the spectrum. Robert has no respect for women, and Chyna doesn’t have a healthy relationship with men. She has a son and a daughter. Robert has a daughter.


They have to do better…but again this is entertainment and I’m wondering if there is a new show or season coming up because this just stinks of publicity stunt.


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