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First grade and Fabulous

I think I fell in love to photographing kids. For starters, their personalities are amazing. Secondly, they are so effortless in their happiness. Those genuine smiles make your ovaries act up and you gotta remind them that kids are cute, but hella expensive.

I refuse to budget for another one, but lord I can babysit…no..I lied not even that much. I mean, I can swoon over your kids from a distance, or at least take their photos. Yeah, that sounds reasonable.

So this little doll graduated from kindergarten and is off to first grade. Pretty self explanatory if you watch the photos. She was serving face when she got comfortable. I can see her being a little model in the future. She was giving me black girl magic all the way through.

Also, I’m just applauding mommy for her hairstyle and clothes. Cute, age-appropriate, and nothing over-the-top. Her family helped tweak her “poses” for the shoot and even worked camera two.

It was just such a fun Sunday. It was also when I learned that redbull really gives you wings. I side-eye the shit out of that drank (and other energy drinks too) but I needed it. For some reason I thought it was a good idea to go swimming before the shoot. I literally got home an hour before shooting  time. I rinsed off, just barely, drank some water, then snatched that demon drink and was out the door.

It worked. I didn’t even feel like I was going to pass out like I normally did. In fact, I ran up a hill twice because I’m extra like that.

You can find a mini album of the shoot here at my Photography website. Please be a doll and subscribe plus like my facebook page!


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