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Series: Facebook, Fake Care and Fake People – Pt 1

Now this fool over here a few months back in March.

I’m on “Le Book,” after 4 days of being blocked due to “copyright infringement.” Apparently, you’re not supposed to share music videos anymore. But you know what MARK maybe, MAYBE if you had removed the video from the person who actually posted it, I wouldn’t have been able to share it. How Bow Dah. Your security team is a flipping farce. Get it together.

Back to what I was saying.

So I’m scrolling through Facebook and I pass by a post with at least 14 images of screenshots of what appears to be someone’s infidelity. Yall know me already.

By George what is going on

Read through the comments and it’s one hullabaloo. We got folks being tagged for having their “pissy poosschay” in her man’s phone, we got his friends getting tagged for being bad influences, he’s giving his side, she’s like nah, I don’t want to hear it. I’m through. She’s done with his shit. Him, his explanation, his friends, his photos, his chain, his hair cut, his harem. She is ‘muh’fuken tied.’

Now, while I am thoroughly entertained by this episode of “Love and the Virgin Islands,” I also had to admit I did not see the purpose of this. Could this not have been sent via text? An email? A phone call? Hell go meet up? I do not understand the need to run to facebook to embarrass yourself. Mama and Papa, look, no matter how much you think you’re embarrassing the other person you’re embarrassing yourself. (Yes, both genders because I’ve seen some nonsense from the men’s side.)

What are we really suppose to do when you come on Facebook and tell us about your lover’s infidelity in detail? It’s one thing to just be like “So and So is a cheater and I feel yall should know,” versus “My man, my king, my life’s blood was out here popping becky, suzan, Charlamagne and Jose’s poosschay in my car! MY CAR! While I walked!” Girl you sure you want us to know allahdat? You sure you want us to know that “your king” was out here running down cooch like a 50% off sale on cases of water at Plaza on the first of the month? You really want us in the know that your boomskie is a proud sponsor of Fuck For thee Free Fridays? Ma’am, you wanna do this to yourself? And for what? Cuz someone is still going to go with him. Why yall so quick to come online and embarrass yourselves?

Come. Sit. Talk with me. Why are you this way?

Then there are the comments. I have issues with folks who play the fence. Folks who push you to keep the madness going just so they are entertained, but play the “I understand how you feel and bitches ain shit” card. If you don’t git yo…

If you were really trying to be a voice of reason to this person you would tell them to get the hell off facebook and stop giving folks a free show over some groupon peen. But no, because like the rest of us, you’re being nosy except you want your nosiness approved by playing the kindred spirit. Just stop. The fake care is what grinds my gears.

Now, I’m not in the business of telling folks what to post on their page. It is their page. You can do what you want, when you want, how you want. I just wanna know why and I’m going to address it as I please because we have free opinions. If you didn’t want commentary you 1)would not post it on a public forum and 2)have it set for the public to see. You wanted this attention, now you’re going to get it.

Now imagine my surprise when folks want to know why I’m judging. I? Me? You’re surprised? Are you new here?

Judgey Johannes is my middle name

I was told that I must understand her plight because I don’t know how I would react if it were me.

If I don’t know, you surely don’t. But here’s a tip, if you don’t know what’s going on in my relationships or lackthereof then girl maybe, just maybe, that means that I’m not giving yall a dissertation on the infidelity of men in the Virgin Islands whenever I go through some shit. It’s not that difficult to handle your personal matters without an audience. Facebook does not provide closure. 80% percent of your Facebook friends are strangers. Ask yourself, if I saw this person on the street would I stop them and tell them what’s going on in my life? If the answer is no, then why the hell are you doing the same thing online? Harpo you don’t know these people!

Do I feel bad for her? As far as I’m concerned this is a poorly written sitcom and I’m not about to decipher who was wrong from right. Not putting my head on a chopping block over social media drama. Nah.

Side note: Did she break up with him? Did she clean her car after finding out there are juices in there that aren’t hers? What are the women of his harem doing? Did he ever get to talk to her personally? Why he even driving your car when you have to go to work? He couldn’t drop you at least? Damn. Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z.


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