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Facebook Etiquette: To post or not to post

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Class is in session again.

I realize that many of you don’t quite know how to conduct yourself on the “interweb,” but that’s why I’m here–not really. My job–it really isn’t–is to help you assimilate into this online life seamlessly…and with as few dragging sessions as possible.

No seriously, you have to understand that social media and basically, all public forums are free-for-all opinion blocks. There are equal opportunity dragging sessions 24/7, 365. So if you are, for lack of a better word, weak, then I suggest you take this post seriously.

Today’s Lesson: Posting is asking for attention

I bet I know what you’re thinking. What? I post for ME, not for anyone else. Sis, I have a fur coat in the tropics to sell you if you really believe that.  You wish it were that simple, but really, I have to ask, if it’s for you, then why do you feel the need to tell us? You already know what’s going on. You don’t need to post it if it’s for you. Let’s just get that tidbit out of the way.

Moving along, once you post, you have now opened yourself to the commentary. Your friends may or may not ignore what was posted, but as it stands, once you post it, you’ve now given someone the opportunity to say something. Granted they don’t have to, but they have that option because you’ve essentially given it them because the platform was designed for interaction. The designers have assumed, that you want to interact with others and that’s why you even have a damn account, to begin with.

Your settings are your friends

Now that we’ve gotten the basic part out of the way, let’s talk about your settings. There are options for you: You can make your posts visible to just your friends/followers or you can make it public.

Majority of your friends are probably yes men, which means, you should have next to no problems by keeping your stuff to friends only. Facebook gives you more leeway to go further. You can set your posts to “only me” or even set it to hide certain people from seeing it. Facebook has your back with these settings. Facebook even went as far as to take away the share button so that when you have it set for friends, it can stay with friends. This is to make your online experience as simple as possible with very little conflict.

But yall never want that. Nah.

See, yall want to set your settings to public, then write things, and expect the world to just slide over it.  Yall will leave your page open to the world, then when someone from the outside peeps it, you have the AUDACITY to say things like “How you even comment on my stuff and you’re not my friend.”




It applies to comments as well

I’m also always amazed when you all insert yourself into a post and then become awestruck when someone responds to you. “I didn’t invite you.” But child, you joined the conversation. Did you think you were going to become part of the dialogue without having to interact with others?

Of course, again, folks don’t always have to comment on your drivel. I myself have found passing over the general buffoonery of my those in my friends list to be quite peaceful. I have resorted to hiding them (more options from Facebook) and even just unfriending them. There are just some statuses, however, that slip through the crack and get a response.

If you want only friends to comment, set it for friends. DUH.  If you don’t want anyone to comment, then set it to only me, or…I know this may be crazy, but, hear me out, you can ALSO….wait for it…..don’t post at all.

Frankly, not every thought you have–especially the problematic ones–need to be posted. You really can save those for yourself.

When it comes to my own posts,  I like control. I’ll delete comments that annoy me, and even though my posts are public I have it set that only friends can comment still. Sure folks can share it and have their heehaws, but guess what, I can see those too and if I want, I can always set the post to friends if it becomes annoying. It’s that simple and without me having to join the latest episode of Love and Facebook VI.








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