Supporting Local
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Supporting Local – Pt 1

Support Local

I lost weight!

Now that yall know that, let’s get into who I’m judging “In the Judgement Room.” Today? We’re talking about the long overused phrases “Support local” or better yet, “Support your own.” I know you’ve heard this once, or twice or probably every damn day as you land on social media. So, the question is what does this really mean?

I know, I know, it should be simple right? It should mean exactly what it says, but do folks really believe it or is it a trend? If you ask me personally, it really means “Support me or my friends,” because the majority of the time, when you see folks saying this it’s only when it concerns them. They don’t care about anyone else. Supporting local should actually mean giving assistance to businesses etc. that would lead to finances circulating in the community and thus spurring economic growth.

Do I support locally? Yes, of course, if I know about it. Support doesn’t always have to be financial, which I realize is where people always go wrong. You don’t have to buy a product to be supportive. It’s even as simple as referrals or just sharing a post. People, however, would rather just bypass something altogether.

“But what if I’m just not interested?” It’s not always about you Selfish Sally! Maybe someone you know would care about the service or product.

“What if it costs too much?” It ain’t about the money Cheapskate Charles. Don’t buy it if you can’t afford it, but like I said there are other means of support, and you probably can’t, but you can pass on the information to someone who can. We aren’t going to count your coins for you, but give me the chance to count mine.

“What if their customer service sucks?” First of all, you don’t need to support anyone whose customer service skills ain’t shit. I don’t know why this is even a question. Why are you here Lost Lauren? Shoo, bye.

But while we are here, I find that most local businesses are terrible at marketing and public relations, so sometimes it’s not even that the consumer doesn’t want to support you, but rather that they don’t even know you exist to support you. Crazy right? While social media is everything right now, you shouldn’t rely solely on it. Hey, pitch it to news media and you might just get some publicity. Take out an advertisement. Something.

It also sucks that small time businesses don’t get their shine, and I want to insert a spiel about folks liking popular mediocrity, but I’ll save that rant for another day. Quality > Popularity, just so you know.

Today, who am I showing my support for? Beast Time Fitness. Anthony Stridiron, right out of Rock City St. Thomas, but somewhere in Florida at the moment, really put his foot into his workout gear.

I was pussyfooting to buy it at first because at the time I wasn’t about that working out life. Now? I mean, If I’m going to be on the road to greatness, crop tops, and being all around sickening, I needed some gear to start it off with. So, I finally hit him up and in just about 3 days or so I got my stuff.

I live in the tropics, but these gyms and my job are cold as hell. Let me tell you, the hoodie that I received is thicker than Serena Williams. I love it. If you want to sweat, get it. If you want to be warm in the office, get it. If you want to walk down the street looking like a bad ass, get it.

But let’s talk about these tights though because that was going to be the deal breaker for me if anything. I have a love-hate relationship with tights, because either they are too loose, or they are too tight. Worst is when you think they fit, then you bend over and your whole ass comes out because, guess what, it doesn’t fit.

But these bad boys streeeeetttcccchhh. And they can take a beating. I wore them on a hike to the Tide Pools from Carambola Beach Resort and Spa–which I will be writing about at a later date–and after falling in the mud, being sliced and poked by thorns and branches, it held up. Not one tear. There are some clear marks from the abuse, but these bad boys are durable.


I love them so much, I have to go back and get me a top, and another tights in another color.

But don’t take my word for it. Go try it for yourself.

In the meantime, I’m going to go perusing for more items to wear! See you in the next episode!



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