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Love and Facebook VI Ep. 4 (A recap Ep).

I’m back again with another riveting episode of Love and Facebook VI, but today’s episode will be more of a review than the usual witty commentary.  I haven’t written anything in a while because I’ve been busy and I really just didn’t have the time. But I have the time now on this glorious and rare day off.

You guys know how this goes, it’s another day of me not minding my business on Facebook.

I wrote a while back that if you only want “yes” men on your page you should only add them and if you don’t want people to have commentary on your life then post about it publically.  You can read about that Here. Now you may be thinking, “why do people have to comment?” And the answer is really simple. Freedom. Of. Speech. Now, from here you have two options, you can leave well enough alone or you can drag the person, which also falls under Freedom of Speech.

But moving along, I say all of that to say, that today was about people who always have opinions about something, not being to handle when the opinion is about them.

So this guy on my page is vocal about every single issue, including issues that have nothing to do with him. For the most part, they are funny and frankly, let’s be real, everyone on Facebook does this. We talk about everyone from celebrities to the average joe on here. It’s what happens.

On this Wednesday, he decided to share a video about him giving his woman a car.

*Note. Before the status that was written hit the fan, I had not seen said video. I still haven’t read or watched the video, but in passing much later on when shit did hit the fan it showed up on my feed. Will I click on it? Nope because I don’t care to see the contents at this point.

A young lady took it upon herself to state, that had it been anyone else who posted that kind of video, the guy’s friends would have essentially talked shit about the girl getting a gift and would have called her materialistic. For context, these are people who spend their time on Facebook joking about every single situation about everyone. While her comment was not necessary, it’s hers to make and for those of us who have seen these guys in actions it made sense.

He didn’t read her status as such because, and using his own words from another situation (which I’ll expand on later) “people often miss the message by focusing on the delivery.”

So, naturally picked up for his woman in what he saw as an attack on her character. Also naturally, his harem of supporters jumped at the chance to get into his good graces and lick his nut-sack as per usual.  The girl tried to explain that it was not an attack on her character, but an example–albeit poorly timed (and written for those who cannot read properly)–that he is treated without reproach where others would not have been by those same two-faced individuals he hangs around. Of course, it still wasn’t taken as such.

So where do I come into this? I agreed with her. Now, he thinks I have a problem with him because this would mark the second–out of the 100 other times I liked and agreed with his shenanigans–that I disagreed with him. He takes it upon himself to bring a discussion from weeks ago into play–even though according to his boys bringing up topics from weeks ago is wack but of course it does not apply to him–and state that I have some sort of issue with him because I spent a day “sub-statusing”  him.

Allow me to clarify here. For starters, I don’t know this nigga from Adam. I don’t have time to have something against him. When someone on my timeline posts a topic, I hardly ever respond under the status that it originally came from. For one, I’m not about to debate anyone for lengthy periods of time. You said your piece and I will say my pieces–because there are several–on my own page. Here is the issue. People feel that they are the only ones entitled to an opinion. If they say the sky is black and you say that the sky is red they will have an issue. They will then respond with sass and insinuations and when you decide to play their game they become the victim. I do not adhere to this nonsense.

If you start a discussion openly and I am on your list I will have an open discussion on my own playing field on my page. I do not have to abide by your rules and if you don’t like it, you can delete me. I truly would not notice if you did. Not block though, because I am nosey and I don’t want to miss any future shenanigans. He then proceeds to tell me that he doesn’t care about my opinions but then told me that he and his boys spent the day counting and discussing those opinions. That’s an odd way to not care but if they like it I love it.

How does this relate to the “delivery” portion? According to him, her delivery was terrible. I found the statement odd seeing as he, himself, had an issue with people missing the delivery of a message he tried to make. Frankly, had I been her, I would have rewritten the apology he gave during that time and just changed it from talking about employment to his relationship.

Now getting back on target. I personally do not feel bad about people who put their lives and movements online and are met with criticisms or any form of discussion. I especially do not feel bad when this happens to people who also have criticisms about others often. At this stage in the game, people should be aware that once you put yourself out there publically you open the door for all commentary. If you are not thick-skinned enough to handle that, then you should not have access to the internet. You will get positive results and you will get some negative results and if you think you’re only to get good reviews I have a snowy mountain in Frederiksted to sell you.

That’s all I have to say about this topic again. Tata for now!



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