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Festival Time with Judgey

Crucian Christmas Festival has come and gone, and although my parade body was still in transit—it got lost in Puerto Rico—I still had the best time ever in the Simply Sophisticated Fun Troupe as they celebrated their 10th Anniversary.

Shamari Haynes is a Carnival Connoisseur, A First-Class Festival Feteran, The Maestro of Mas, we can do this all day. What I’m saying is, he went above and beyond for his tenth year, grooming what started out as a little high school troupe, into what is now the territory’s largest, most anticipated festival troupe.
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You can’t spell Hypocrite without Azealia Banks

I have a question. Why haven’t we canceled Azealia Banks yet?

We have canceled many other celebrities for less and even questioned their mental stability but Bank’s flip-flopping ass seems to be allowed time and time again to be the face of the word “toxic” and “hypocrisy,” yet we just let her slide on through until her next episode.

The alleged musician (yes, alleged) has openly called herself a racist, openly been a homophobe, and consistently degrades black men and black women, and for some reason, people still try to rationalize her erratic behavior. Get sis some help. We want to get Chris Brown help, we want to get Kanye West help, we kicked out Omorasa (I still can’t spell her name even though it’s a google search away), Stacy Dash and Ben Carson, but nobody bats an eye at Azealia who embodies each of these people.

If you’re not up to date with her shenanigans, let me walk you through it. Let’s start with most recently, her beef with Belcalis (Cardi B), and it’s not the first time she has attacked Cardi either.

According to Bank’s argument, Cardi is a caricature of black women (despite being black herself) and apparently, black women cannot behave like Cardi and make it far. I mean, Tiffany Haddish literally becoming famous for pissing on people in a movie be damned, and to hell with Lil Kim’s entire essence back in the day (I still want her Got Dick shirt), and I mean we can just forget about Trina’s neck, her back, her pussy and her crack. Frankly, maybe if Bank’s focused on her career and being true to herself WITHOUT shitting on other people maybe, just maybe she too could be a proud, carefree black woman.

Banks is obviously not happy with herself and is projecting her insecurities onto other artists. Her lack of stardom without having someone’s name attached to the headline bothers her. Think about the last time you’ve seen Banks’ name in the news without someone else there. The only people who really care about her are her trash fans, and gossip blogs (myself included. I had time today).

And while the media has a strong bias for people of color, Banks’ issue is majorly her own fault. She’s just an unpleasant person. She attacks you today then loves you tomorrow. She loves you Wednesday then shits on you at 11:59 p.m. that same day. We saw that when she professed her love for Donald Trump, and then turned around recently and said he’s making a mockery of the presidency. Which is it Banks? Which is it? No one trusts her. She probably can’t turn her back on herself.

But let’s look at Banks’ hypocrisy response by response so you can see how vapid this woman truly is.

Let’s start with Trump:

Banks in her interview on the Problematic Brunch (The Breakfast Club) said: “Everybody keeps trying to pin this love for Trump on me, [but] that wasn’t the point,” Banks, around the 28-minute mark, said. “It was more so just about the tax break. I feel like the system’s the same on both sides, you know, no matter who you’re voting for. The American Dream, it rests on a systematically oppressed underclass . . . That’s just the name of the game, so either way you go, somebody’s getting fucked. Wouldn’t you wanna get a couple extra, like, 30 thousand dollars back on your tax return? You’re getting fucked either way.”

While Kanye was sharing Dragon Energy with Trump, she also had a few anti-trump words to say:

“No @kimkardashian Kanye is not ahead of his time. I said alllll of these things during the election. I had an actual reason for it. Never once did I call trump a good person or say he deserves ‘love’. Y’all are aggravating the black people at the expense of dragging their outrage into more clicks/streams etc for whatever Kanye is about to drop.”

“Outrage is internet engagement algorithm 101, y’all are not slick,” Banks continued. “Nothing at all profound, necessary or eloquent about anything your husband says. I wish you would make him read a book cover to cover before you send that black man into a world of white people with such base level theories as well as his very limited vernacular as pertaining to any of the pseudo-intellectual things he tries to say.”

“Kanye will never be the president and you will never ever be the First Lady. Give it up sis.”

But Prior to this, Banks was actually a proud supporter of Trump:

“First off, I would like to apologize to Donald Trump for all the stupid jokes I made. (I was kidding). secondly, I would like to apologize for all the other times I was dumb enough to let the liberal media sway my opinion of you. Thirdly I’m fucking proud as FUCK of you. One for being a gemini, two for being from NYC, three for winning the presidency and four for beating the media. The last part is your biggest victory in my eyes and I must say that I am TRULY inspired by this and feel deep amounts of vindication. Thanks for letting me know that I’m not crazy (even though I fronted a few times) liberals run hollywood and it’s been a COLD WORLD OUT HERE FOR ME AS A TRUMP SUPPORTER 😹. Best of luck on everything and thanks again. Sincerely – AB #TRUMP2017”

But don’t worry, true to her nature, she took those word back later:

“I made a major mistake endorsing toupey-toupee. Women’s rights are important and we must protect them. I tried … I reached … I even carried … I take it all back,” Banks wrote, adding that she “feels so dumb” and vows to “never mix music and politics ever again.” Oh, and also, she’s signing a record deal with RZA. 

Oh, but while women’s rights are important, she also wished gang rape on Sarah Palin.

Quick note: Majority of her outbreaks happen when she’s making music moves. Funny, considering she called Kanye out on his Publicity stunts. But moving along.

During this same year in May, Azealia admitted that she was racist while professing her support for Trump:

“So am I ! …. lol. Racism/Racialism is sewn into the fabric of our nation. It’s just who the f— we are,” she started, followed by “Trying to be all PC and pretending as if we aren’t racial/racist is not good for culture. Censorship is boring” and “Censorship is trash. Television and Movies are even boring now because of it. No one can say anything anymore.”

I’ll get to her homophobic tweets later (maybe, because this post is getting pretty damn long), but she apologized for being racist later. This was after she called Zayn from one direction a “Sand Niggxx”:

I don’t think anyone has issued more apologies than Azealia. She supposedly doesn’t care about anyone’s opinions yet an apology is always ready. Remember when she apologized to Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, and homosexuals? Because screenshots are forever.

Remember that time she said she doesn’t apologize, then apologized, then came back and said she means what she says?

Now,  people are saying we can’t hold her accountable for the things she said in the past because it takes away from the message of colorism and media bias she was trying to make in her interview. But that’s not how that works. While people are fully capable of growth,  Banks has shown time and time again that her apologies are nothing more than damage control to save herself as she then repeats the same antics again.

Amara La Negra has been actively speaking about color bias in the industry and had Banks truly been down for the cause, she would have focused on that. Hell, before Amara we’ve been talking about it and we didn’t call anyone an illiterate rat in the process because we know that they are victims of circumstances they did not create. Attacking victims of the system does not aid in dismantling it. She continuously name-drops people because of her dislike for them. I expect she’ll be delivering an apology to Cardi sometime in the near future as per usual because “growth.”

And while we are trying to make her the voice of Black America, do you remember when she called a black woman a gorilla? Or when she called them tar babies?


Nothing says black empowerment and unity like chitlin juice

It’s especially funny watching black men try to save their problematic princess when she has said time and time again that she does not like black men. In fact, she blames yall for all the problems in the music industry and because yall won’t date her. She’s punishing you for the white run system, and for 6 niggas who rejected her in the past. But you love her though.

And in some twisted work of irony, she was mad at Cardi B twerking while pregnant and in a later tweet she said her future kids “won’t go online and find pictures of her butthole,” as she plays on respectability politics, but Banks herself is online with her cooter out because she thought letting her pubic free was empowering. If hypocrisy had a face it would be Banks, and frankly, that’s why, whatever her message, I cannot support it.

Banks doesn’t care about the plight of black people, she cares about digging her way through whatever scandal she can to finally grasp some form of relevancy. Everything she does is for herself while you all try to paint her as some martyr for being outspoken. The girl is trash.

Azealia Banks is a proud, narcissistic contrarian with a hard-on for attacking women in a poorly thought out scheme to gain some shine, all the while using serious topics in her faux attempt to sound educated and “aware” when really she’s a backass twattle fuck masquerading as an intellectual.

And just like “fetch” I wish you all would stop trying to make her happen.




Wakanda Forever: To the Big and Little Mad

I’m one of those people who has grown exceedingly tired of black bodies being type-casted in large and minor Hollywood films. I am done with seeing black people (meaning everyone in the African diaspora, not just African-American) in chains, as slaves, as the help, being traumatized, playing the fool for comedic relief, being the token symbol of diversity or being the villain. It was stressing me out. We are not and should not be limited to these films, and so, when Black Panther was announced and the cast was majorly black, I was excited. Not only because it’s one of my favorite comic book series, but because of the representation. Read More

A Feral Betrayal Chapter 3

The cage door screeched as it opened, and Marissa wondered if it was her fear that had heightened the sound. While it struggled to completely open, she dashed across the room. The last thing she wanted was to be trapped against the door when whatever was behind those bars came out. She needed room to run and think.

At the end of the exceedingly long corridor, the room split off and dim lights came on. Left and right were her only options. She darted to the left and saw another opening on her right. She skidded into it and paused. The next room was a straight path but there were openings on both sides of the walls. She counted 6 on both sides. God, she hoped she wasn’t in a maze. Read More

Supporting Local – pt 2

Guess who’s back, back again, Judgey’s back, tell a friend, and subscribe to the blog because that’s only the right thing to do.

Last time, in the Supporting Local series (until I find a clever name for it), we talked about Beast Time Fitness. Today, our focus is Apollo Legion.

Apollo Legion made its debut last year and has pretty much taken the territory by storm. Created by jack-of-all-trades Charles Goodings Jr., A.K.A Pollo from right out of St. Croix, the clothing line features swimsuits, bodysuits, polo shirts, shorts, children’s apparel…

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I’m art baby!

The quote has absolutely nothing to do with anything, I just wanted to be pseudo-deep for a minute.

Moving along, I always wanted to be drawn. Granted, I wanted to lay down on a soft, luxurious couch in a golden room decorated with the finest, classical art of sub-Saharan Africa, while a chocolate, muscular man with abs strong enough for me to wash my laundry on, sits behind an easel, draped in silk and etches me in exaggerated fashion onto a canvas.
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