A Feral Affair Book 1

Dangerous secrets take hold of the small town of Auburn Valley, Virginia where Marissa Coldwell is forced to question everything and everyone she knows. When her own family betrays her she’s left with no one to trust but herself.

A Feral Affair Chapter 1

Marissa sighed and sipped the warm French vanilla cappuccino in her hand, focusing her body on relaxing. The warmth of the beverage traveled down her throat and radiated out to warm her entire body. A jolt of energy came with the warmth that she gladly welcomed. She had spent the better part of yesterday and … Continue reading A Feral Affair Chapter 1

A Feral Affair Chapter 2

It was halfway through the afternoon when Marissa and her sister, Melanie Coldwell, woke up. Both women had a rough day yesterday. Although Melanie was reluctant to talk about hers, Marissa wasted no time in venting. She remembered all too clearly how her encounter with Jamoy went. When she finished her tale, Melanie’s face was practically … Continue reading A Feral Affair Chapter 2

A Feral Affair Chapter 3

There was blood everywhere. It covered the buildings, matted the asphalt, dripped off the benches and its scent–thick and overbearing–coated the air. Dead bodies were strewn across the street. Limbs were scattered about. Screams reverberated in a symphony of madness, orchestrated by the wild beasts running amuck. No one was safe. Running? Pointless. Screaming? Useless. … Continue reading A Feral Affair Chapter 3

A Feral Affair Chapter 4

Living with her parents was too much to handle. It had been almost 2 months since they came to her apartment and unceremoniously threw her things out, shoved them into a U-Haul truck, and dragged her back to their home where she was under constant supervision. “It’s for your own good” they said, “You’ll thank … Continue reading A Feral Affair Chapter 4

A Feral Affair Chapter 5

“Christ, what’s wrong with you!” Claire yelled, “And what the hell was that?!” Butch had slammed the brakes, sending whatever was on top of the car rolling off, and unfortunately causing Claire to hit his head on the dashboard. Marissa, long realizing the situation, was lying in the space between the driver and back passenger … Continue reading A Feral Affair Chapter 5

A Feral Affair Chapter 6

This was becoming aggravating. How had it gotten to this point? Everything had started out smoothly and now it was ruined–in shambles. Who was responsible for this? Was it himself? No, it couldn’t be his fault. He thought it out clearly. It had to be that fool. There was no other explanation. Damn him! Damn … Continue reading A Feral Affair Chapter 6

A Feral Affair Chapter 7

“You better have a good explanation for why I haven’t heard from you in days,” Sehjada chided as she threw her bag onto Marissa’s bed. She was going to be staying over for the weekend. It was part of Marissa’s long apology. She had been a terrible best friend for the past few weeks since … Continue reading A Feral Affair Chapter 7

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