About LLM

Local Lady Media is an entertainment and humor blog covering everything from local and pop culture, from TV, and movies, to life’s random adventures through the eyes of local Virgin Islands eccentric Judgey Johannes–self-crowned Miss Media 2016 to life–who has an appetite for providing commentary on shenanigans because there is no shortage of foolishness/interesting things in the world.


My daily life consists of the internet, resisting the urge to maim the people around me, and avoiding being thrown into an asylum.

With a PHd in Shadeology and an impeccable side-eye game, you’ll often find me not minding my business and dolling out commentary on various topics because there is no shortage of foolishness in the world, and when the good lord was handing out good behavior I was busy. (See, again not minding my business).

Writing is my escape and the whole purpose of this blog. It keeps me from being idle, though I also have a baby girl who does plenty to keep me from being idle, but hey, when she falls asleep (and my tank still has some juice in it) I come here, to feed you, the readers, my latest and greatest ideas! or rather some incoherent ramblings and videos about absolutely nothing.

But if you’re dying to know who I am;

A Virgin Islander from the Island of St. Croix, who received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications at the University of the Virgin Islands in May 2015.  She freelances as a photographer in her spare time and her dream is to host her own Talk Show.

Updated: May 31, 2017.


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