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To Healthy Living!

I’m taking a cycling class!!! The ending of this year, I committed myself to becoming a much healthier person. I needed to change my eating habits ASAP and become more active. Becoming more active also meant giving up some sleep which is probably the hardest part because I love me some sleep. So. it’s not that I’m losing sleep—because that’s counter-productive—but rather I’m working on staying up more. My sleeping schedule is stupid as hell. I’m the kind of person who would wake up at noon and then go to bed at 4 a.m. I’m not a morning person at all. In fact, I’m inclined to believe people who wake up at 5 a.m. are hellions. Baby Jesus ain’t even up yet, why the hell are you? But I guess I have started joining you underworld folks in order to continue on this “best me” shit. Advertisements

Series: Facebook, Fake Care, and Fake People – Pt 2

Another day of me not minding my business. So it’s a crisp Friday afternoon in September. The 15th to be exact. Hurricane No Way Jose just lashed at us with his tail because he ain’t shit and instead of disappearing he decides to sing despacito on the ocean. He is moving SLOWLY. So you know bad weather creates bad decisions. Like…say…hacking your boyfriend’s facebook page and letting us know that he has hella hoes.

Don’t pick sides in toxic relationships

At some point we all realized that the Kardashians, Roberta included, are all about attention and this is more than likely a set up, but hell it’s Wednesday, some of us are on vacation, and we ain’t got shit to do so we were tuned into the bullshit. But let me remind yall, that the ONLY victim in this mess is Dream, who is a product of this entertainment nightmare. Anyways, Rob woke up today on the wrong side of his bed and decided to tell us things we already knew. Blac Chyna was cheating on him and using him. But Rob supposedly didn’t know he was being used so he, being the typical neanderthal, decided to leak her nudes. Now, I’m not here for leaking people’s nudes, but Chyna is literally basking in nude glory on the internet. He basically just released unpaid photos. It’s wrong because obviously you don’t do that. Releasing nudes is prime “fuckboy” bullshit. It’s childish. It’s also illegal yall. But this is Black Chyna sir. How are you hurting …