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A Feral Betrayal Chapter 1

Marissa tilted her head as she regarded the stranger standing across the room. The dark-skinned woman looked exhausted, and there were dark circles under her brown eyes. Her jet-black hair was cut short and hidden under an equally dark cap. The woman held her hands to her mouth, her face covered in shock and concern. Advertisements

A Feral Affair Chapter 20

Feral Affair Chapter 20

Sehjada jumped from her mattress, her hair wild and damp like her bedsheets from her sweat. She palmed her face, breathing erratically. From the space between her fingers she could see the image of Marissa. Her best friend’s bloody face stared back at her with dead eyes and she screamed. She swung her hand at her sheets then swung her feet off the bed, tripping over her slippers as she tried to escape. At the last minute, she managed to grab onto her dresser before she could hit the thing. Then, she collapsed on the floor. Her body shook and she wrapped her arms around herself. Every night for the past two months she went through this. The guilt of aiding in the death of her best friend had consumed her. She had no idea how to stop it either. She was sure she would have been fine. Marissa was a monster. She had to die. They all had to die. “Why won’t you leave me alone?”  She held her head with both hands and …

A Feral Affair by Markida Scotland

Procrastination is my middle name

It’s been about a month since I wrote the last chapter of “A Feral Affair.” I don’t really have an excuse. I am a procrastinator at heart and because of who I am as a person I cannot even say when I will begin to write the rest of it. The plan is to start putting it all together over the weekend. To be fairly honest, this is the most active I have been with posting the chapters seeing as it usually takes me about a year or so tops to even get one out. We won’t talk about the three year long hiatus I was on either. Dark period of time that was. Oh what a time it was. We shant talk about it the same way we won’t talk about the year that shall not be named (The one between 2015 and 2017). But it’s not as though I don’t know where I am going. I already started writing the chapter, but it’s a bit difficult to get the exact direction I want …

Feral Affair Chapter 7

“You better have a good explanation for why I haven’t heard from you in days,” Sehjada chided as she threw her bag onto Marissa’s bed. She was staying over for the weekend. It was part of Marissa’s long apology. She had been a terrible best friend for the past few weeks since she was so caught up with Kaleb. It was unlike her, and she felt awful about it. So, as part of her “Forgive me” plea, she invited Jada over and made plans for them to just hang out; which in their case meant, lazing about the house, pigging out, and watching lifetime movies just so they could yell at the screen.

In The Silence – Explained

In high school, I think it was my sophomore year, I began a story that was set in the Virgin Islands. Of course, at the time, I was very inexperienced and knew nothing of love aside from what I had seen in movies and read in books. I also knew nothing of my island and had not explored the vast tropical paradise enough to write about it either. As a result, I scrapped the story and hoped that after graduation I would be able to finish it. That never happened. I let this story die and focused on several others. One I had finished completely, but then lost (I left it on the fraco truck and never saw it again). After that I stopped writing until my sophomore year of college. I had intentions to rewrite, and rename this story as well as change the cover. The design above would be fine if not for the fact that that is Lauren London. The background was a photo of the Frederiksted Pier which I took myself. …