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A Feral Betrayal Chapter 4

I didn’t sign up for this shit. Matthew sat on a chair, his head leaning backward, hanging over the edge of his seat. He signed up to kill shifters, not babysit one. Three days had passed since the woman passed out. She was fast asleep on the bed, her chest rose with each deep, even breath. Melanie had taken care of washing and dressing her. He was ordered outside when that all happened like he hadn’t traveled with her when she was stark naked. He shook his head then, trying not to remember it. The room smelled sickeningly like a hospital—pine sol, bleach, and illness. Matthew hated hospitals. He rubbed his arms, feeling restless the more he sat in the room. He stood up and started pacing. When the hell is she going to wake up? He paused at her bed. His eyes darted left, then right, almost expecting someone to barge in. Feeling it safe, he bent his head, taking a lock of the woman’s hair in his hand and breathed in. Lemongrass and …

Facebook, Fake Care and Fake People pt. 3

It’s another riveting episode of Love and Facebook VI. I was going to change the title of this, but since I got accustomed to “Facebook, Fake Care, and Fake People” I’m keeping it as that. So, yall know how this goes, it’s another day of me not minding my business on Le Book, but I made a boo-boo this time. I commented. Yall, who sent me. But let’s get into the nitty-gritty of this short post.

A Feral Betrayal Chapter 3

The cage door screeched as it opened, and Marissa wondered if it was her fear that had heightened the sound. While it struggled to completely open, she dashed across the room. The last thing she wanted was to be trapped against the door when whatever was behind those bars came out. She needed room to run and think. At the end of the exceedingly long corridor, the room split off and dim lights came on. Left and right were her only options. She darted to the left and saw another opening on her right. She skidded into it and paused. The next room was a straight path but there were openings on both sides of the walls. She counted 6 on both sides. God, she hoped she wasn’t in a maze.

Festival Time with Judgey

Crucian Christmas Festival has come and gone, and although my parade body was still in transit—it got lost in Puerto Rico—I still had the best time ever in the Simply Sophisticated Fun Troupe as they celebrated their 10th Anniversary. Shamari Haynes is a Carnival Connoisseur, A First-Class Festival Feteran, The Maestro of Mas, we can do this all day. What I’m saying is, he went above and beyond for his tenth year, grooming what started out as a little high school troupe, into what is now the territory’s largest, most anticipated festival troupe.

Support Local

Supporting Local – Pt 1

I lost weight! Now that yall know that, let’s get into who I’m judging “In the Judgement Room.” Today? We’re talking about the long overused phrases “Support local” or better yet, “Support your own.” I know you’ve heard this once, or twice or probably every damn day as you land on social media. So, the question is what does this really mean?

Red Hat PTSD

I know I’m not the only person who can’t look at red baseball caps the same. Every since Pres. 45 campaigned with that damn hat, I give an immediate side-eye to anyone I see with just the color. Online of course, because I never saw anyone with a red hat in real time before…or maybe I never cared before because it was just a damn hat at the time.

To Healthy Living!

I’m taking a cycling class!!! The ending of this year, I committed myself to becoming a much healthier person. I needed to change my eating habits ASAP and become more active. Becoming more active also meant giving up some sleep which is probably the hardest part because I love me some sleep. So. it’s not that I’m losing sleep—because that’s counter-productive—but rather I’m working on staying up more. My sleeping schedule is stupid as hell. I’m the kind of person who would wake up at noon and then go to bed at 4 a.m. I’m not a morning person at all. In fact, I’m inclined to believe people who wake up at 5 a.m. are hellions. Baby Jesus ain’t even up yet, why the hell are you? But I guess I have started joining you underworld folks in order to continue on this “best me” shit.

A Feral Betrayal Chapter 2

Marissa’s gaze shifted slightly, wondering if it was still too late to dive out the window and make a run for it. Maybe Melanie was bluffing and the drop wouldn’t kill her. And if she was some supernatural creature surely, she’d be fine. The hairs on her neck were standing. The room was dead silent. They were waiting for her to give her answer. Though she was focused on her escape, she was also very aware of the men’s’ bodies. They were prepared to shoot at her at the slightest suspicious movement. She did not like her odds at all right. Even if she could use the window, she’d probably be riddled with bullets before she could jump out.

Kori’s Got a Condo!

The furbaby is well on his way to being spoiled. Kori is officially 2 months old today as his birthday is March 10. So, I decided to get him a little gift! Okay, truth be told I really just wanted him to get off my hamper and find something else to sink his claws into, so I bought him a cat condo! For just $35.99 you too can give your cat something else to destroy and save your furniture–rules and restrictions may apply. Offer valid until your cat decides to do what it wants. For the sake of it and to add some new content to my Youtube Channel I uploaded a new video of me unpacking and building this contraption. Kori helped too! Sorta. Kinda. Not really. Entiwho! I’m a bit appalled at my appearance but it was about 9 p.m. when I recorded this. I was bed ready. Your girl was not cute. My stomach is fat. Hell my arms are fat too. It’s all that damn smart popcorn and other bad eating …

Elle Nielsen – Ready for Love

Miss St. Croix Centennial Queen Elle Nielsen performing to India.Arie Ready For Love at the 4th annual VI Model of the Year competition. (C) 2000 Motown Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc. Subscribe to my Youtube Channel! Local Lady Media The videos are below in two different formats. One is straight from the website and the other is youtube. The youtube version may or may not play due to Youtube’s nonsensical copyright system. Also, my camera hand isn’t shit and I sneezed so the video shakes a bit. I’m sorry! Forgive me! I didn’t plan to record, it just happened. In case you can’t see the Youtube Video