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Life Lessons and Notes No. 1: To the Future

First of all, let me say that this is not an apology. I don’t believe in apologies for certain instances.  I said what I said and meant what I said at the moment it was said. I’m not here either to tell you that someone got me out of character. That IS my character. I do not take threats from anyone. I will respond accordingly, and again I will not apologize for doing so. This is, however, a reflection piece. I planned on doing a series of these, but I did not expect to be writing one so soon. To get you up to speed, long story short,  I was threatened online and kindly asked the person(s) to make due on that threat. It didn’t happen, as expected, though I wouldn’t be surprised if somewhere down the road I was “jumped” when they get together again as they are in separate places right now (apparently). That’s just how things (apparently) work out here. So what am I reflecting on? My temper actually. I have never …

A Feral Affair by Markida Scotland

Procrastination is my middle name

It’s been about a month since I wrote the last chapter of “A Feral Affair.” I don’t really have an excuse. I am a procrastinator at heart and because of who I am as a person I cannot even say when I will begin to write the rest of it. The plan is to start putting it all together over the weekend. To be fairly honest, this is the most active I have been with posting the chapters seeing as it usually takes me about a year or so tops to even get one out. We won’t talk about the three year long hiatus I was on either. Dark period of time that was. Oh what a time it was. We shant talk about it the same way we won’t talk about the year that shall not be named (The one between 2015 and 2017). But it’s not as though I don’t know where I am going. I already started writing the chapter, but it’s a bit difficult to get the exact direction I want …

KTWK episode 3: Complex Marching Band Practice

St. Croix Education Complex students at practice, while Empire Star Tobias Truvillion and Model Janeisha John looked on. during their performance. Yes, a less chatty vlog this time around. It’s all about the music today! IG/Twitter:LocalLadyMedia Website: (I have not updated this in a while lol) facebook: Read my novel and leave feedback! Also, subscribe to my channel!